The Hain wood care products

We take care to ensure that the suitable care products also consist of natural materials. We place great importance on ecological and health aspects.

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Special soap for damp cleaning (colourless and white)

For regular cleaning and care of oiled, waxed and soaped indoor wooden surfaces. For wood, cork, stone, brick etc. Especially suitable for dark woods and special oil finishes; less silvering; no streaky marks after cleaning; can be used instead of wood floor soap.

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Wood care balm (=oil) (colourless and white)

Optimum care product to refresh oiled, waxed and soaped wooden surface indoors. For floors, work surfaces, cork, stone and slate. Intensive cleaning and reoiling can be significantly reduced depending on the mechanical stress and wood type. Simultaneous cleaning effect due to essential oils.

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Intensive cleaning agent

Basic cleaning agent for heavily soiled, untreated, oiled, waxed, soaped and varnished indoor wooden surfaces. For floors, profiled wood, doors, furniture etc. Must be treated with wood care oil afterwards.

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Wood care oil (colourless and white)

For refreshing and polishing for all oil treated wooden surfaces. Also suitable for initial care. Can be used on all known oil systems (for reoiling).

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Care and repair set

for rooms with lots of traffic or wet rooms
consists of:

- Special soap (colourless or white)
- Wood cleaner (removes liquids such as water marks, wine)
- Refresher spray (removes solids such as street grime)


Various polishing machines

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A good decision

You have chosen uniquely exclusive natural wood flooring from sustainably managed forests. 

Your investment in a natural product from Upper Bavaria will not only enhance your personal living or work space in future; you have also secured jobs and made an active contribution to protecting the environment. We would like to thank you for doing so!

As a family business that acts responsibly, we have made a conscious decision against industrial mass production, exploitations and price dumping and in favour of handcrafted cottage planks and parquet floorings. In a particularly strongly competitive market, we use only resources from sustainably managed forests that make ecological sense. An in-house developed natural oil gives the wood surface a high quality finish without putting a strain on your health.

So we can state that a high quality manufactory that is in harmony with nature has been set up in the Bavarian In Rott am Inn: lasting value, durable and exclusive.

We care about your well-being
Your Hain Team & the Hain Family