Jede Diele ein Unikat Traditionelle Manufaktur

Modern parquet manufactory

Technology lays the foundations.
Our know-how supplies the quality.

Our Hain cottage planks are crafted in our highly modern production plant in the Bavarian town of Rott am Inn. As a specialist for natural wooden floor coverings, we presently offer 100 surface finish versions in various wood types across Europe. The Hain range covers planks from XXXl formats to 3 and 2-layer structures.

As one of the few, internationally operating companies, our cottage planks are produced entirely in house using a self-developed, gentle process - from the tree trunk to the finished plank. Our pioneer role in developing and introducing e.g. natural wood drying, saw groove look and many oxygen-hardened oil finishes underline the innovative strength of our family-run business.

The production output of our wood manufactory is still very manageable at up to 350,000 m2 a year, so that we can react to every customer order flexibly and our highly motivated employees always do their very best. This individual approach corresponds to our company philosophy that distances itself clearly from industrial mass productions and focuses on exclusivity.


Durable and hard-wearing

Our natural wood floorings become a durable investment thanks to a sophisticated and especially gentle finishing process.
Their ability to regenerate and skid resistance makes tehm the perfect choice for almost every application; everywhere the direct contact with wood is desired.

High diffusivity

The naturally refined wood automatically compensates temperature and humidity fluctuations. As a result, in contrast to sealed soils, it has a positive effect on the room climate at all seasons.

Exclusive Nature oil finishing

Our floors are only refined with self-curing natural oils without lacquer or wax additives. As a result, the surface appears velvety, antistatic, respiratory-active and does not give home dust mites and allergies any chance.

The examination by the master

Wood is a natural material with a wide range of colors and grains. Therefore, each board is individually assessed and evaluated. Only this elaborate, manual selection process can guarantee the high quality standard of our parquet.